Save time, increase motivation & keep results with Neutrotype Training.

Our equation for weight loss is broken & backwards. If I have more [knowledge] then I will take [action] and achieve [results]. But our brains don't work that way.


Knowledge alone doesn't lead to sustainable or long term action; although it can sometimes temporarily help. What does? Your mindset.

If we can change the lens our brain uses to view our health, fitness & nutrition then confusion will melt away and results will appear - for good.

Here you'll find information & programs on nutrition & fitness with an emphasis on mindset, longevity & FUN.

I'm a certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT), Nutritional Coach (PnL1), Behavioral Change Specialist (NASM BCS) & Neurotype coach. I live in LA with my beautiful girlfriend and 4 rescue cats. I'm an ex-architect & college professor (SMC) & I'm addicted to theme parks. 

Jimmie Brenton is best known from Beachbody's popular 22 Minute Hard Corps (Special Ops Resistance, Cardio and Abs) workout routines by world famous trainer Tony Horton. Jimmie is also creator of the "Live By Design" blog, cast in multiple "P90X Live" training videos and guest author in best selling author Derek Doepker's book, "The Healthy Habit Revolution."

Promoting a balance of healthy living and fun, Jimmie believes in simple fitness solutions, individual nutritional needs and real life solutions in a world cluttered by marketing. 

You'll most likely to find Jimmie working out, presenting a motivational speech, blogging, shooting pool, painting or playing theme park carnival games.