10 ROUNDS / LIIFT4 Calendar

I created this hybrid calendar for anyone wanting to build muscle while learning how to shadow box following the 10 ROUNDS program. You'll hit each muscle group 2-3x per week for maximum gain with proper rest in between muscle groups.

I recommend doing the lifting portion of the workout before the shadow boxing so that your energy is prioritized on building muscle. I also recommend, for LIIFT4 days using a 6-8 rep range prioritizing lifting for strength. That will balance out the resistance training from 10 ROUNDS which focuses on TUT (Time Under Tension) and potentially higher rep ranges.

On LIIFT4 / 10 ROUNDS days you can skip the HIIT portion of LIIFT4 and go right into 10 ROUNDS to keep your workouts around 60 minutes.


Download Hybrid Calendar PDF

(for JPEG version scroll down)

Download PDF • 2.01MB

Beachbody On Demand (BOD): HERE

10 ROUNDS Annual Pack w/ Shakeology: HERE

10 ROUNDS Annual Pack w/ Protein & Preworkout: HERE

Questions? Feel free to email me at Jimmie.Brenton@gmail.com

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