30 Day Breakaway Hybrid Calendars

These calendars are 100% free all I ask is that if you don't have a coach, please make me your coach HERE or if you do, please give me proper credit if you distribute these. THANK YOU.

Please allow me to admit this... I love the new 30 Day Breakaway running program but from a lifting perspective, it's not my thing. FULL DISCLOSURE, I pay my bills off these programs and affiliate links but I can't lie. The running portion/coaching is more then worth the upgrade price tag of this program IMO. Having Idalis coaching, cueing & reminding me what to do makes a 20 min run feel like half that time. Her movement prep is something that I feel is also invaluable and missing from many Beachbody programs.

And... if you like to lift weights a bit faster and only have 20ish mins, this could be perfect for you.

But I'm more of a traditional strength/hypertrophy style lifter that needs & wants rest. It's just not possible in a 20 min lifting session so I've taken the best of Beachbody's more traditional style lifting programs (Body Beast & LIIFT4) and hybrid-ed (is that a word?) it with the 30 Day Breakaway running portion to get the best of both worlds.

I've tried my best to manage total workout time as best as possible but if you want to build muscle, it takes time. Modify as needed.

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Here they are..

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30DB_BodyBeast copy
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