Not Typical Alcoholism

My post from Instagram (7/2/20) ...

"I don't talk about it...

It’s a subject I’ve touched upon but never shared about. Not even with myself, if that can even make sense?!

Alcoholism is within my blood & being adopted that’s all I knew growing up.

When I was laid off from my dream job in 09’, what was meant to be a mini “in-between jobs vaca” turned into a year+ of being at a bar for 4+ hours a day.

Admittedly, some of my fav memories & some of my biggest regrets came from drinking. But, over the years as I got older, I denied it, but my lows got lower.

I’ve made mistakes, hurt people I care about & wasn’t who I wanted to be 😢

I’m not sure why I share this, maybe as a form of self therapy & transparency.

My inherited alcoholism isn’t of need or ‘I get triggered’ type of thing. But, I do have a highly addictive personality so it’s more, ‘don’t start bc I can’t stop,’ deal.

You’ll see a new chapter opening up for me here. My solution. I didn’t quit in the sense of 0 alcohol ever, just turned the dial back 99.6%. <- The alcohol content in O’Douls is 0.4%🤣

For the past month+ I’m discovering solutions that work for me. I’ve discovered there’s a whole non-alcoholic section of beer at BevMo, Dave & Busters serves O’Douls and my mornings are getting earlier 🤗

Anyone else struggling? Struggled? Any advice?"

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