What's Your Neurotype?

Who doesn't enjoy a good personality test right? But did you know that this personality test can give you valuable insights into how you should be exercising, eating and staying motivated doing so?

[DEFN] Neurotyping: "A system designed to help you better select the best training program, diet, supplement regimen for you. It uses a personality assessment to evaluate your brains chemistry traits from your dominance, you can be directed toward the best training/nutrition solution." (1) I'm not going to pretend you care about the science so let's get to it! If you want your own neurotyping training, nutrition or supplementation program, please contact me.


Note: For any category, you’ll find a list of the key characteristics.. You might not have all of these, but most of them will apply to their personality. You’ll also might find that you have something in common with all types. You want to identify your dominance and determine your primary and secondary neurotype. When in doubt, ask a partner to help you. I’ve found they can identify you pretty fast (2)


The 1As are the “intense” persons in a group. They take a lot of space (physically and verbally), need to be the leaders and have a lot of problems with authority. They will do everything to win, even play dirty and they need to always do things their own way.

  • Extremely verbal, talk a lot, talk loud

  • Always want to be the leader, the center of attention

  • Don’t deal well with authority

  • Very high self-esteem/confidence

  • Extreme competitiveness (trash talker, sore loser and winner)

  • Need to win in every situation

  • Tend to burn the candle from both ends (very intense, but burn out easily)

  • Hate rules

  • Want to do things their own way

  • Love to convince others that they are right

  • Impatient

  • Very “goal driven”

  • Seek conflict

  • Don’t care what other people think of them

  • Act on impulse and emotions

  • Amazing under pressure

  • Love to take risks


The 1Bs are all about speed and skills. And when I say speed, I’m not only referring to speed of movement but also in being impatient: they don’t like to wait, if things are not moving it can frustrate them. They have the highest level of motor skills: they learn movements very easily. Sometimes they are frustrating to other people because they seem to be good at everything they do!

  • Explosive personality: very calm most of the time; explode but a few minutes later it’s as if nothing happened

  • Seek out intense activities (thrill seeker)

  • Constantly need to try new experiences

  • High self-esteem/confidence

  • Very competitive (but not to the extreme of 1A)

  • Very easy motor learning, great natural athletes

  • Fast, agile, explosive naturally

  • Very good at multi-tasking

  • Impatient

  • Very “goal driven”

  • Lots of imagination

  • Can easily switch from relaxed to very active and get back to relaxed

  • Is not affected by what others think of them, but still has consideration for them

  • Very good under pressure

  • Love to take risks


2As are people who are normally shy, want to please other people, have a lower level of self-esteem, don’t want to make decisions or be the leader. But when adrenalin kicks in, they morph into an alpha version of themselves: high confidence, more extroverted, feel stronger, etc.

  • Lower self-esteem when at rest

  • Potentiated by high adrenaline situations but can easily choke when there is too much

  • Want to get along with everybody

  • Excellent at creating personas, changing their personality depending on the situation

  • Need to create a reciprocity with the person they are talking to

  • What others think of them is super important

  • Losing face is destructive for them

  • Tend to mimic the most influential person for them

  • Great at reading people

  • Don’t like to make decisions

  • Fun to be around, like to have fun

  • Need variation, change

  • Their driving force is their need to earn the respect, admiration, acceptation of others

  • Hate to feel left out, even in an activity they didn’t want to do in the first place

  • Procrastinate and do better work when they are last minute


Type 2Bs are not really “fighters”, they are lovers.

  • Lower self-esteem

  • Great at reading people

  • More introverted but still need to have the approval and respect of others

  • Much better 1-on-1 than in a group; very good in that situation

  • Very emotional

  • Easily fall in love

  • Love to dress well and look good

  • Like displays of emotions, grand gestures

  • Give everything to each relationship, friendship, marriage, couple, family

  • People pleasers

  • Want to avoid disappointing others at all cost

  • Their greatest motivation is being loved, liked, desired, admired

  • Prefer to stick to activities they know and love

  • Are the best at listening to others and helping them

  • Don’t like to be the leader

  • Will work harder than everybody else if they think it’s going to get them respected

  • Sacrifice themselves or their well-being for the good of others

  • The most prone to chocking under pressure


Type 3s are normally more anxious, do not like to take risks, are more introverted and cerebral.

  • Introverted

  • Highest level of anxiety

  • Function better when following a routine

  • Need to follow a plan, a structure

  • Don’t deal well with unexpected changes of plan

  • Pragmatic

  • Hate taking risks, play it safe

  • Prefer repetitiveness over novelty and variation

  • Great observers and « information gatherers »

  • Intellectualize their decision making

  • Don’t talk much

  • Are secretive about themselves

  • Think a lot

  • Don’t like « thrills »

  • Less inclined to create social connections

  • Extreme focus and concentration

  • Very patient

So... which type are you?

If you want your own neurotyping training, nutrition or supplementation program, please contact me.

(1) CITE

(2) CITE

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