When Should I Take My Post Workout Shake?

Question - "When should I drink my post-workout Recovery shake?"

SIMPLE ANSWER... • Did you workout fasted? - Drink 30-60 min after.

• Did you have a meal before your workout that included protein? - 1-4 hours after is fine if 30-60 min after isn't an option.


We also have to realize that despite a companies or experts best intentions, they often make recommendations based on the general population. Your case may or may not be different.

After your workout (typically resistance for this topic) your body is primed to repair itself, often referred to as the 'anabolic window.' The question that keeps coming up is, "how long is this window & how can I maximize it?"

Currently my research has lead me to conclude that 1) the importance of timing comes down to how much protein is available for use and 2) your level of []

For example if you ate protein with your lunch and you worked out an hour or two later, your body already has protein available for use. A quick 'shot' of post workout protein isn't as necessary and can be delayed.

However, if you workout first thing in the morning (fasted), there's nothing (or not as much) to use; so drinking it within the recommended 30-60 min time frame can be helpful in the rebuild process.

All this being said for the average person trying to lose some fat around the midsection, the post workout anabolic window matters much less than their total daily protein intake, so don't sweat the details. This is why I typically advise my clients to just drink it as early as they can after their workout.

Remember, as with all fitness / nutrition questions the answer is always, "it depends." What you did yesterday won't always be best today. Be flexible and focus on consistency first!

These topics and more I cover weekly in my Facebook fitness & health accountability group. All you need is a free Team Beachbody membership with me as your coach to join!




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